Witness' Executive Producers

Our Executive Producers are crucial partners in helping us reach exponentially more people than ever before - through expanded online training capacity, the development of skills, tools and solutions that incorporate human rights standards in video, and other creative approaches - ultimately increasing our impact. They are a group of extremely active, talented allies who work closely with our Executive Director to support our work and help grow our network.

Executive Producer Donal Daly

I first came across WITNESS when I met Peter Gabriel at Davos in 2007 at a time when the WITNESS Hub was first being implemented. I recall describing that initiative to some friends as "YouTube for Human Rights." At that time my company was investing in technology to train people in a virtual environment, and with Peter's vision of empowering human rights defenders all over the world, I thought that we might be able to help.

That was before I had the privilege of meeting the other members of the WITNESS team. Their passion and dedication to improve the world in which we live is humbling and awe-inspiring. Venturing forth into some of the most inhospitable places in the world, coming face to face with oppression, mendacity, and systemic inequality, the core WITNESS team and their partners on the ground, are relentlessly making the world a better place – one video at a time. Braver, stronger and more truthful that I could ever hope to be, WITNESS is my touchstone for interpersonal respect at a basic human level.

In striking contrast to the ugliness that they encounter daily, the positive spirit embodied in the WITNESS organization is remarkable. It is surely the beacon that guides and sustains this remarkable team and throws light on issues otherwise hidden in shade. In the seven years I have known WITNESS I have been proud to introduce other Changemakers to their vision. I hope that this growing network can, in some small way, help WITNESS to continue to expose truth and reduce the inequity in this world that we all share..