Kelly Matheson

Senior Program Manager

Chasing Ice

The last time our atmosphere held 395 parts per million of carbon, the world was 14 degrees warmer. "Chasing Ice" provides undeniable visual evidence of what will come if we don’t reduce carbon emissions according to what the science tells us.

Chris Micheal

Head of Partnerships and Training

Video footage from the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.

I remember seeing it on the news as a young child and the video footage of one person confronting a convoy of army tanks transfixed me and transformed my understanding of power.

MJ Moneymaker

Digital Engagement Coordinator

Forced Evictions in 5 Easy Steps

communicates a complex human rights issue through animation and then hits home with real footage of forced evictions. A forced eviction can happen to anyone... and that's powerful... and scary at the same time. It changed my ideas about community development.

Priscila Neri

Senior Program Manager

Vão derrubar a casa da mãe do Paes!

Shot when workers show up to demolish the Rio home of a mother and grandmother, this video captures the injustice and the irony that a city worker (also a favela resident) must tear down a home just like his for no good reason. With brave resistance, she literally stands in their way and tells them to go demolish the mayor's mother's home instead.

Yvonne Ng


The Act of Killing

It's a difficult film that explores how individuals and a society can perpetrate and allow mass atrocities to occur with impunity, a phenomenon that seems so offensive and incomprehensible to our humanity and yet repeats itself again and again throughout the world.

Bryan Nunez

Technology Manager

The Inside Job by Charles Ferguson.

It shows that a good documentary can simplify complex, and in the case of the financial crisis, intentionally obfuscated concepts and can make them accessible to a general audience while still telling a compelling story.

Ashley Patterson

Creative Projects Producer

Tibet In Song

A documentary by ethnomusicologist and former political prisoner Ngawang Choephel, opened my eyes to injustices that the Tibetan people have been facing for decades.

Lisa Robinson

External Relations Senior Coordinator

The Day My God Died

was the first time I felt the power of video as a tool for exposing human rights violations and child sex slavery. We also meet brave individuals who are working towards change, leaving the viewer feeling empowered to make a difference.

Ryan Schlief

Senior Program Manager

People Before Profit

By pulling together footage shot by communities around the world - the film shows on a global scale why forced evictions happen and how communities are claiming and gaining their housing and land rights.

Hyunseok Seo

Finance Coordinator

An Age for Justice

Confronting Elder Abuse in America Elder abuse is not so easy for outsiders to see, especially when the abuse happens inside a family. This video brought a hidden issue to light with powerful stories told by survivors.

Martin Tsanev

Post-production & Media Management Coordinator

Invisible Crimes

A moving documentary about women who were raped during DRC's civil war. I found the film inspirational as it treats extremely traumatic issues with a delicate artistic approach while giving a compelling voice to otherwise "invisible" victims.

Bukeni Waruzi

Senior Program Manager

On the Frontlines: Child Soldiers in the DRC

A film I co-produced with WITNESS. When we screened the film in the eastern DRC communities, some parents seeing their children in the video were relieved to see them alive. Parents who didn't see their children were certain they had been killed. For me, this experience emphasized the many ways in which an audience can relate to a video.

Jenni Wolfson

Managing Director

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry by Alison Klayman.

This film brings home the power of one individual willing to stand up for human rights at huge personal cost because he can't imagine an alternative.

Jackie Zammuto

Engagement Associate

Titicut Follies by Frederick Wiseman.

I was struck by this film’s stark and disturbing footage, which exposes the inhumane treatment of patients in a mental institution. Wiseman’s deceptively simple filmmaking style is a powerful approach to exploring complex issues, and a unique approach to advocacy.